The Order of the Emerald Dragon

Lass, you’re telling me you’ve never heard of the Order of the Emerald Dragon? Where’ve you been the last year and a half? Did you not see the new bloody moon we have hanging in our night sky?

Pull up a chair and buy me around, young delver. I’ll tell ye the tale.

They were once of humble origins, much like yourself. Thomas, the Dawn of New Hope himself was born in the Warrens not a stone’s throw from here. Tessa Steadyshield served on the guard before she found her calling. And then there’s the most powerful Pixie ever to have graced our beleaguered city—Hawthorne Steadybranch. You’ll have heard of him as Spark.

They had many companions throughout their time adventuring, but most prominent among them were Gilderoy—he’s retired now, bakes cakes with his partner and their children in the North Market—Anna the blessed, priestess of Lothian, and Orellian Angelborn, wielder of Legacy and friend to the Malkuth.

The Order of the Emerald Dragon brought chaos cults to their knees, fought undead in the necropolis, and destroyed great damned machines that would’ve swallowed the city—if not the world—whole. The barbarian horde? You heard of them at least? ‘Twas the Emerald Dragons what returned their King and sent them packing with nary an arrow loosed.

And when the moon mucked with the deepest magics of the world, letting dark things clutch after the elder banes of the Dread One, ‘twas the Emerald Dragons again that delved into the very base of the Spire to right the world, again!

I heard it from Daersidian and Brusselt themselves who heard it from Iltumor Shon—the squire of the Order of the Emerald Dragon—that in the heart of the Banewarrens the Dragons faced a fallen Planetar and destroyed him, releasing him from endless torment.

What’re they doing now? Saving the world I damned well think! Ain’t you been paying attention?

Ptolus: The Eschaton